A service catalog that gets your technical requirements covered

No matter what your technical requirements are, we promise to get you covered through our artificial intelligence services.

We develop
We provide consltancy and advisory
We train

We develop software

we build the software components you exactly want

We mainly build AI software

One of our artificial intelligence services is building AI SOFTWARE. fistly, We believe in writing decent code. it gives us the biggest sense of obligation to hand you the best quality code. ESPECIALLY WHEN we build your artificial intelligence project. furthermore, you’ll probably want to continue building on top of our work down the line.

We develop machine learning models and even deploy them on your behalf on your infrastructure or cloud provider. All you’ll have to deal with is a bunch of APIs. Particularly if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with all the modelling work.

If you require reaching a specific efficiency threshold in your applications. However, you want to resort to the traditional evolutionary and optimization algorithms instead of machine learning. Consider it done.

Your business application might intensively rely on speech recognition, speech synthesizing or even computer vision. Generally, you’ll want to easily integrate with an artificial intelligence back-end without any headache.

As electronics and robotics become more abundant in the a variety of industries. We find more and more businesses reaching out to us to help them build functionalities. Moreover, it complement their vision in the Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) space.

And we handle relevant software disciplines too

ONE OF OUR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICES IS HANDLING RELEVANT SOFTWARE. Even though we really excel in artificial intelligence as it is our core business competency. moreover, we still build software for relevant disciplines.

With deep roots in the game development business. We’re very familiar with the quirks and twists of the technical aspects of the industry. Certainly, we build tools, plugins and software components that aid your interactive experience. Whether be it a game or a sophisticated simulation project.

As the product owners of “SynControl” and past veteran security engineers. We can simply say that we know what big corporations and small companies look for. Especially when they talk about cyber security tooling and software. Furthermore, we build components and utilities for encryption and signing. Also, it can be used with payments and such.

We believe that blockchain is a fresh look at immutability and verification. We’re competent in our understanding of the tech. Additionally, commercially write solid smart contracts for businesses.

Electronics and custom chips have always been things we like to build. If you’ve got a business requirement that mandates having a custom chip or electronics. We’ll gladly build it for you undoubtedly.

Tuning every bit of your software

We care about details

We provide consulting and advisory

We lead the technical aspects of your business while you focus on your core business

We're the best when it comes to leading you

As we’ve progressed as a company, it’s safe to say that we’ve acquired a set of tangible skills. specifically skills that are very valuable for any industry. it utilizes software and hardware in competing through their business.

That’s if you require advisory or consultancy in shaping your company’s AI strategy or even a project.

Tuning the performance of applications, hunting difficult bugs. Also, even architecting systems in the most flexible and dynamic ways possible falls under our expertise belt.

Need to have your software pentested? Also, to perform a code review on a crucial software stack? Undoubtedly, you’ve reached the right people.

Got a new blockchain project? However, you don’t know how to handle smart contracts and their integration in Web 3.0? Deploying a decentralized network soon? However, you’re not sure of the scalability requirements? We’re here.

Want a second opinion on your digital circuit or processor, unquestionably we’d love to have a look.

If you ever had to manage an old, neglected binary then you probably know how much of a headache it is. Especially to dissect what’s happening under the hood. Consequently, we do reverse engineering so well.

We provide top notch training for businesses

Investing in your organization doesn't work unless you've got real professionals handling it

We train professionals to become technical industry leaders

We believe that the best way to have a good start in your career or business infancy is to have a competent coach. certainly, COACH that can take you by the hand and show you the tricks and secrets of the industry. whereas that’s where we love to give back.

We teach classical machine learning, neural networks and deep learning the right way.

We help show you how to build simulated environments for serious simulation/training or even gaming.

We show you how to protect your perimeter by understanding hackers and malware.

You definitely heard about how great the blockchain is, also we teach you how to use its facilities.

Taking you step by step in assembling your electronics to build your potential IoT product.

Stripping applications and binaries to debug and understand how they work from the inside.

We Research, you learn fast

We get you fast on your journey

As our engineers live and breathe technical matters, expect nothing but true excellence. Particularly, we explain every bit of the technology at hand. Additionally, we don’t rephrase YouTube videos and tutorials.

The headache of starting with a vague technology is one of the most frustrating feelings ever. Altogether, let us train your staff and show you how professionals do it correctly, right from the get go.

Artificial intelligence is us, humans, being taken to the next level of evolution, we can take you there.