Artificial intelligence the right way
Artificial intelligence requires a vast expertise in math, engineering and software to be delivered right, enter INFINITEWARE.
Learn why we're so good at what we do
Say hello to "Bader Speaks" the intelligent bot
A true intelligent bot that incredibly integrates seamlessly well with your Instant Messaging (IM) infrastructure in your organization.
Learn more about Couverya
An offline search engine that understands you
Noora Knows is an offline intelligent search engine that uses "semantic search" to find your results without matching keywords.
Read more about Noora Knows
Empowering gamers with an exceptional and dynamic experience
The Subconscious Sentiment Artificial Intelligence (SSAI) engine intelligently allows you to tailor the simulation/gaming experience in the run-time.
Learn more about how the SSAI engine works
Making the most of embedded devices using AI
Embedded devices need to have strict and harsh power requirements, checkout our most recent product in the embedded devices domain.
Read about the Rex Brain
Benchmark your malware vigilance with SynControl
The SynControl security suite allows you to benchmark your organization's vigilance against malleable malware that you can customize.
Read more about how SynControl can test your security
Avoid car problems with the artificially intelligent Vehicle Loader
Vehicle Loader relies on your car's data and some serious machine learning to predict problems before they hit you hard.
Read more about Vehicle Loader
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We live and breathe artificial intelligence

We believe that only solid and well-established technical skills are capable of delivering excellent products. Also, artificial intelligence exceptionally demands such.

At INFINITEWARE, an artificial intelligence company, true technical excellence is our most worshiped manifesto. Specifically, as it is the very crucial catalyst that allows our customers to reach their full business potential.

Overall, with us, you’ll never need to worry about your technical capacity, we got you covered.

Look at some of the services we offer

It's all about giving you the best of artificial intelligence in your business journey







Noora Knows

Noora Knows is an intelligent offline semantic search engine that solely works with Arabic.

Noora Knows is capable of understanding your query’s meaning, so your search doesn’t have to get results that match the keywords you are using, and it gets you the information without the headache of going over multiple hoops.

Bader Speaks

An artificial intelligence chatbot that integrates seamlessly well in business environments. such as banks, government and insurance, automating your work right from the chat screen.


Use artificial intelligence to build layout designs for your dream house, get genuine ideas thar are created by machine learning.

Rex Brain

The Rex Brain is a framework that allows your autonomous vehicles to build a live SLAM map of the world.


An artificial intelligence-based framework that allows you to receive live metrics (anxiety and stress level for instance), and integrated well with both Unity and Unreal Engine.

Our Clients

A proven track record of our artificial intelligence company in technical expertise and exceptionally in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is us, humans, being taken to the next level of evolution, we can take you there.