Community Initiatives

INFINITEWARE believes in giving back to the community, check what we’ve been doing to make the tech and local communities better.

Bahrain Labour Law Chatbot

INFINITEWARE has pioneered the creation of an entirely free labor law chatbot as a community service aimed at aiding Bahrainis in the private sector. Capitalizing on their proficiency in artificial intelligence, the chatbot was engineered to comprehend users’ inquiries and to semantically search for pertinent responses. The chatbot grants easy admission to crucial labor law information, thereby aiding both employers and employees to address their work-related issues.

The dedication of INFINITEWARE towards enriching the lives of individuals within their community is reflected in this project, which has already become an essential tool for numerous Bahrainis. By offering this chatbot for everyone’s use, INFINITEWARE exemplifies their conviction in technology’s potential to yield a positive societal transformation.

Flow Launcher Dropbox Integration

INFINITEWARE’s Dropbox integration for Flow Launcher has drastically altered the methods Windows users employ to find their data. In a digital world with terabytes of information distributed across a multitude of platforms, retrieving the necessary data can be a formidable task. Nonetheless, the integration by INFINITEWARE has made this process significantly swifter and more efficient.

By flawlessly blending Dropbox with the open-source launcher, INFINITEWARE has empowered users to rapidly and conveniently search for files without needing to exit the launcher. This enhancement has saved users a considerable amount of time, thereby elevating their productivity. INFINITEWARE’s commitment to devising pioneering and beneficial solutions has once more demonstrated its immeasurable value to the community.

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