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Behold the most well-integrated software chat bot suite & one of our best artificial intelligence products available for businesses ever:

Bader Speaks

Your very own intelligent and virtual employee

Bader Speaks is a fully integrated chat bot the lives and breathes your data, it connects to your organization's internal systems (core banking or ERP for instance). Allowing you to complete tasks right from the chat screen, with Bader Speaks. Whenever you need to get information or accomplish tasks, you'll be able to complete those directly through your chat screen.

IT Keeps learning

One of the core features of Bader Speaks is the ability to get smarter with every encounter. Meaning, the more you chat with Bader Speaks it gets better understanding what you mean and what you want to accomplish. This really works well with environments where a tight integration is really needed. For example, this is mostly needed in places where you need to understand the internal jargon of the organization to accomplish your work. Bader Speaks makes a decent usage of machine learning through this process.

Cross platform

Bader Speaks integrates with the most common Instant Messaging (IM) stacks available (like Skype for Business and Jabber). It also works on both desktop and mobile, allowing you to even utilize Bader Speaks on the go.

A local, Arabic, offline search engine for your organization.

Noora Knows

Noora Knows is an intelligent offline semantic search engine that solely works with Arabic. Noora Knows is capable of understanding your query’s meaning, so your search doesn’t have to get results that match the keywords you are using, and it gets you the information without the headache of going over multiple hoops.

Noora Knows allows asking any question spanning your emails, documents (PDF, DOCX, PPT, ..), and much more so your search experience is extremely joyful and seamless. Because it’s all offline, your data never goes out of your organization, so if you’re a bank or a government you’ll be very happy to know that.

And when integrated with our Couverya chatbox, all of these questions can be asked using any channel such as Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams, and any proprietary instant messaging system that your organization is using.


A groundbreaking product that revolutionizes the way people envision and realize their dream homes. This game-changing tool empowers individuals to explore and create custom floor layouts with unprecedented ease, efficiency, and creativity, using artificial intelligence.

All you have to do is explain the design you want and you’ll get different genuine suggestions built using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Whether you’re building a real rover or programming a vehicle in a simulated world, you will certainly need to integrate an autonomous driving capability at some point. MOREOVER, when power becomes a huge deal breaker, the Rex Brain really shines.

Rex Brain

Building a dynamic map of the real world in a real-time scenario requires fast and really efficient algorithms that can get the job done.

The twist is, when you’re doing such a thing on an embedded device that runs on a limited battery power. You’ll have to really watch out for the power consumption rate. In order to make sure you will be able to last as much as possible.

In conclusion, that’s where the Rex Brain really changes the game. With its extremely fast AI-based computation and restricted power consumption policies.

The one thing that gives simulators/games their twist is their ability to completely immerse their user/player in a virtual world. for this, the SSAI engine is the perfect complement for a real dynamic experience.

The SSAI Engine

Simulation and gaming normally create a static environment that a user/play can navigate through. This is fine until you reach a point where you’ll need to dynamically adjust the experience according to the very personal metrics of your player/user.

One of our artificial intelligence products is The “Subconscious Sentiment Artificial Intelligence” (SSAI) engine . A mouthful, we know – is all about receiving these metrics for the user/player. Furthermore to provide a real-time snapshot of what they’re going through. Everything ranging from anxiety, stress level stats, or whether they’re happy at that moment. All this data streams directly to you for your usage however you want to integrate it. Allowing you to dynamically adjust the experience to accommodate the job at hand.

Our framework is cloud-ready and it works seamlessly with the most popular simulation and 3D packages: Unity and the Unreal Engine.

The most perfect test malware suite for your cyber security teams.


SynControl is a test malware suite that’s completely malleable to custom changes and modifications by your security experts.

This helps organizations customize their “fake” malware to simulate real malware attacks. Thus giving a serious dry run to the defense lines implemented in any organization.

Specifically, if you’re a bank or a huge organization that’s serious about protecting its data and perimeter. There is no better investment rather than shaping SynControl to benchmark how resilient your systems and staff are against modern malware and cyber attacks.

As casual drivers use their every day cars to go around. they’re most likely going to be in inconvenient situationS where their cars suddenly stop for whatever reason. in the most inappropriate times, Vehicle Loader eliminates such a possibility by harnessing machine learning to predict such cases in advance.

Vehicle Loader

Vehicle Loader is the ultimate proof that machine learning is an incredible technology. Especially, when it comes to overcoming the most cumbersome real world problems.

We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning intensively to appropriately implement preventive maintenance for retail and enterprise customers.

Our product combo that’s made of our software stack and an accompanying hardware just works magic. By integrating with the car’s  “ECU” computer, we support a variety of commercial cars, different makes and models. We send notifications to the driver of an upcoming hiccup whenever our AI accurately predicts so.

Vehicle Loader has proven to be very valuable to both retail and enterprise customers who can’t afford huge maintenance downtime when their cars suddenly stop.

In-house Products That Matter

At INFINITEWARE, we wholeheartedly believe in building products that have actual value and significance for enterprises and government entities.

Artificial intelligence is us, humans, being taken to the next level of evolution, we can take you there.